Kylie Jenner was shamed for stealing Riri's style

The 19-year-old reality star has already landed herself in hot water after she was accused of nicking her bikini designs from Destiny Child's iconic Survivor era.

She also got herself involved in a serious legal nightmare with sister Kendall, after the design duo launched a range of vintage t-shirts featuring musical icons without reportedly requesting their permission.

Now Kylizzle has been called out for copying Rihanna's unique sense of style.

The seeds of clothing drama were planted at the beginning of this year when Kylie was pictured wearing a boobylicious fringed jumpsuit on holiday.

Well, Rihanna did it first. And it turned out Rih Rih actually snapped up the original design by L’Impasse Couture.
GETTYJUMPSUIT WARS: Rihanna rocked a similar look before Kylie

Kylie's version of the jumpsuit was a copy from The Dolls House which caused the original designer to hit The Dolls House with legal action.

However, more recent photos show Kylie is at it again.

The girls were spotted sporting identical shades, similar manicures and even the same pose to shield their eyes from the paps.
“This s*** is getting out of hand. Kylie stole Rihanna's whole identity”Twitter user

Of course the internet couldn't resist another reason to go off on one of the Kardashian-Jenner clan and Kylie was swiftly blasted by the Wild Thoughts singer's fans.

"Kylie, Kendall and the Kardashians have been copying Rihanna for a minute and it's getting annoying. None of them have originality," one Twitter user fumed.

Another wrote: "This s*** is getting out of hand. Kylie stole Rihanna's whole identity."
Kylie Jenner teases fans with an 'Up Skirt' selfie
Kylie Jenner bends over exposing her boobs in an off the shoulder top
And one added: "She's always stealing from Rihanna. You can see it clear as day."

However, many jumped to defend the teen star with many accusing Rihanna's fans of being picky.

"You're all reaching, nothing is original anymore!" one user said.

While another added: "Bottom line is you all hate on the Kardashians for anything. Stop!"


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