United Express aircraft catches Fire on Denver Runway

A United Express passenger jet caught fire as Passengers fleeing the aircraft captured the moment one of the CRJ700’s engines erupted in flames, after landing at Denver on Sunday at 2.25pm ET. 

The video captured and upload to Tyler Glasheen Instagram showed how passengers were running for their lives in a near major disaster incident.

Hallelujah! Nobody was hurt in the drama, which unfolded after United Express Flight 5869 touched down on a short scheduled flight from Aspen, Colorado.

The spokeswoman for regional airline SkyWest 
Marissa Snow, which operated the flight on behalf of United Express, said all 59 passengers were “safely evacuated” from the plane after it “experienced engine issues.”

One of the passengers praised the "quick and immediate response" from first responders and expressed "huge thanks to pilot and crew for helping get passengers off safe.


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