Graphic Video: ISIS fighters THROWN to their deaths from top building before their lifeless bodies are shot

There is an adage that says "what goes around comes around"

A terrifying footage allegedly shows Iraqi troops carrying out brutal executions on jihadi terrorists has emerged.

In the video, the panicking man is taunted and beaten by several rifle-wielding troops before being slowly forced up to a precipice and hurled onto the motionless body of another man below.

The sick terror cult is notorious for killing people by throwing them from high buildings if they believe they are gay.

According to the BBC, an interior ministry spokesman said that if the video – believed to have been filmed in recently-liberated Mosul – was genuine, then the soldiers involved will be brought to justice.

Some human rights groups have reported found that Iraqi troops have been guilty of torture and execution in the war against ISIS. 

One soldier, Falah Aziz, claimed to have beheaded 50 ISIS fighters and stressed he was completely “at ease” doing it.
Men emerge from rubble in the Iraqi city of Mosul

The chilling footage of the man being thrown from the cliff was posted to the Mosul Eye blog yesterday and is yet to be verified.

See the video here:
It comes just days after a US-backed coalition announced it had freed Mosul, the city in which ISIS proclaimed its caliphate in 2014.

After an eight-month war against the terror group in the strategic northern city, the Iraqi Prime Minister jubilantly declared victory over the death cult.

The battle for Mosul has ruined parts of the city, killed thousands of civilians and displaced nearly one million people.

ISIS militants were seen throwing themselves into the River Tigris in a cowardly attempt to flee the battlefield as they faced defeat.

But an unknown number of ISIS troops – some speculating there could be as many as hundreds – are believed to still be hiding out.

Speaking to the BBC, Belkis Wille, senior researcher at Human Rights Watch, said: “In the final weeks of the battle for west Mosul, the pervasive attitude that I have observed among armed forces has been of momentum, the desire to get the battle wrapped up as quickly as possible and a collapse of adherences to the laws of war.

“These reports have been met with congratulations from Baghdad on the victory, only further fostering the feeling of impunity among armed forces in Mosul.”

I fully support this in fact they deserve much worse gruesome death!


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