Kenyan's 2013 presidential aspirant walk NUDE in public....Why?

A 2013 Presidential aspirant and controversial politician Kingwa Kamencu was forced to walk almost completely NUDE as a result of the scorching sun.
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The Sexy Presidential hopeful Kingwa Kamencu is no stranger to the limelight and controversy ever since she hit the scenes in 2013 when she announced run for Presidency.
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Kamencu is making airwaves yet again but this time, it is because of the unforgiving January weather.

She posted a cheeky message on Facebook highlighting how she was forced to use her translucent dress as a resort against the scorching weather.
Never mind the fact that her actions left her underside completely exposed!

See the post:
Kamencu, who has portrayed herself as more socialite than politician, once lamented that men on social media had stopped making ‘intimate’ advances on her.

Long before her Presidential ambitions, she went to lengths of leaking her own photos just to gain some mileage in the fame department.


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