A crazy woman killed her Boyfriend and lived with corpse for MONTHS

A crazy lady goes by the name of Carmen Baena Reina in 40s, has been arrested after she killed her boyfriend named only as Manolo, 51 and continue to live with the corpse of her murdered boyfriend for several months.

According to her she says the man abused her horrifically, raping her at least five times a day, tying her up and locking her in the house, and that she seized a moment when he was distracted to stab him to death.

She was found in their home in Cordoba, in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia, with the man’s body almost mummified after being left outside in a cold courtyard.

Police asked the fire brigade to help them get into the house because they were told that the man, who had disappeared in October 2016, might be there.

Ms Baena confessed to killing her boyfriend, as soon as police arrived.

Preliminary police investigations revealed that the man had died a violent death caused by knife wounds. The knife was also found in the house.

When the police arrived to the house, Carmen started to cry and said that the man usually tied her daily and raped her at least five times per day.

She said he "put his hands inside my vagina daily" and then she was locked in the house.

She added: "He did not let me live, he abused me, he controlled me, and I forgave him every time, but he always came back beating me and therefore I killed him. I would do it again because I could not stand it, I was just trying to survive."

Local media said that Ms Baena took advantage of a moment when the man was distracted, took a knife and stabbed him three times.

She continued living in the house as if nothing had happened and her neighbours never suspected that her boyfriend had been killed.

According to her neighbours, it was well known in the neighbourhood and that the couple had problems with alcohol and drugs and used to fight.

But one anonymous neighbour said: "The man sold bracelets and despite the fact that he had drug problems, he never had arguments in the neighbourhood, he was polite."

Local media said that the woman had reported the man in 2014 for a case of domestic violence but he was cleared by a judge in 2015.

Wow this is another level of craziness...


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