She Made A Big Mistake

Awesome scene at the local WalMart this morning....

Cute and sexy little white girl with her black boyfriend. She looked no older than a teen, while he was a little older. Both good-looking, she a dark-haired hottie and he a semi-thug. Both a bit pissed at the other for some reason, so I made sure to hang around to listen and watch as long as I could.

Another white girl walked up to them at one point and was VERY sweet and smooth to black boi while obviously cool to his white gf. This didn't go over well, and when the sweet talker left, gf started bitching at her bf, who bitched right back. She said he was cheating on her, which he denied, of course. She kept it up until he got really pissed off at her, and told her to shut the fuck up.

Then he smacked her in the face.

The cunt deserved it, and it was unbelievably hot. No one else was around at that point, so I wanted him to hit her again to shut her up and set her straight. She called him a motherfucker, and instead of hitting her again, he said, "Bitch, when I get you outta here, I will beat yo fuckin ass." He had fire in his eyes, and all of a sudden turned from a semi-thug to a real thug nigger.

He grabbed her hand and pulled her away -- out of the store. I hope that nigger beat the shyt outta that fucking white bitch, and then fucked her raw.


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