Leaving Your Daughter With Treyshawn

You and Treyshawn were having a good time watching the game and drinking beer, but you had to leave to get more. Your young daughter Carli was home alone, but with Treyshawn watching her, she'd be fine.

Of course, you didn't know that Carli had flirted with Treyshawn before....and now was doing it again. Trey is a mature adult, but face it, he's also a nigger. A nigger is gonna pass up some young white pussy only so many times. Certainly doesn't look like Carli's being forced to do anything, and I'm betting Treyshawn's big black hand is feeling some heat. Treyshawn has time to fill that virgin white pussy up. If she's old enough to flirt, she's old enough to get fucked by a nigger.


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